‘No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experiened’ – David Attenborough

I think that outdoor educators have a tremendously valuable role in being involved in delivering the ‘experience’ and therefore have a responsibility for nurturing a connection with nature, particularly with children and young adults. So i did a free 20hr online course with @derbyuni on understanding that ‘connection’.

‘Nature connectedness’ is the term used in psychology to describe that relationship between a person and the rest of nature. Nature connectedness is a recognised psychological construct – one that describes an individual’s sense of their relationship with the natural world. That is our emotional attachment and beliefs about our inclusion within nature. These aspects affect our being – how we experience the world, our emotional response, our attitudes and behaviour towards nature….

A key point is that nature connectedness is not exposure to nature, often measured in time and visits. We now know that people with higher levels of nature connectedness are more likely to do more for nature. Both in reducing their impact on the environment through using fewer resources and taking positive actions to help wildlife’. //

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