Things seen between 6 and 9am //

A stopped-me-in-my-tracks paragraph in my reading on nature connectedness has been the negative impact of often / always seeing the negative in nature. If i’m always grumbling about parking, or pointing a camera at a pile of rubbish, or spending my days clearing chemical waste from a brook then slowly but (psychologists suggest) surely my own brain will come to associate going outside and in to nature as not ‘connecting’ with nature, but ‘connecting’ with things in an environment that cause me stress and angst. Therein lies the conundrum that to connect with nature one needs to remove distractions and notice, see, observe, and take interest in more, but in doing that isn’t one more liable to see the issues around parking, litter, fires etc. more …. ? //

On a much lighter note i did actually see an Ouzel this morning. I wasn’t fast enough with the lens, but i saw it fly over to Burbage West and sat and watched it for a while. Conversations with other twitchers suggest there may be as many as 5 in the valley now. Here’s hoping ….

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