It’s good to talk …

It’s good to talk • Burbage • A retired couple wanting to know what a ‘very lovely bird they saw earlier’ is called. I got my copy of @rspb_love_nature British Birds out and we established it was a Stonechat 👍 • Four lads near the end of their ‘epic hike’ wondering what i was looking for ? I explained about Ring Ouzels. ‘Oy Ahmed there’s this bird flies here from MOROCCO’ !!! he said. ‘Thanks mate, i would never have known that’ he said. Then we chatted about things they knew and had seen in their lives (as British Muslims) that i hadn’t. And where they’d walked today. We laughed a lot 👍 • Three ovserseas students + a drone + a lit BBQ. A drone control app that says it’s ok to fly there. They hadn’t seen any ‘no BBQs’ media. We chatted. We read some websites on ‘phones. I explained some things. They apologised (to all the ground nesting birds i think !!) then had a cold picnic tea and put the drone in its box 👍 • It’s good to talk. // Coincidentally i have a place on a ‘changing behaviour and intro to having difficult conversations’ course (in my capacity as a volunteer ring ouzel monitor on the @easternmoors estate next week //

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