a little bit of effort …

‘I know’, i said to myself at 6pm on a Saturday evening whilst absent-mindedly googling my own name and eating a fist size chunk of Swiss cheese……, ‘i’ll put 20kg in a rucksack, and my big boots on, and see if i can dip in under the 30 minute (Mountain Rescue team fitness assessment) cut-off for the 300m / 980ft 1.3km ascent of Win Hill via Parkin Clough from Yorkshire Bridge.

As you do ….

It served to remind me why i never guide this walk with clients. It’s hideous on the way up (see photo !), and borderline dangerous in descent, slippy in the dusty dry, and like a bobsleigh chute in crap weather.

It also served to remind me that i’m not 23 and living in Aldershot anymore.

Nice views from the top mind …..

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