Dark Peak days

I took the opportunity to spend Thursday and Friday out on the hill. I’m getting reasonably hill fit again after all those months of plodding round local parks.

Thursday i took two clients that are ‘getting the miles in’ in advance of their Yorkshire 3 Peaks round, on a walk. We took the bus to Snake Pass Inn and then wiggled a descent line which included a reasonable amount of ascent !!

Alport Castles

That was a 15km walk in the sun. Afterwards we headed to Hope Valley Ice Cream to lower our temperatures.

Today (Friday) i met up with Paul Besley ( @paulbesleywriter ) and Scout ( @searchdogscout ) for a walk. We took the train to Edale.

After a bit of a faff finding breakfast, we set off up Grindsbrook Clough. It still had some water in it which was useful for humans and dogs !!

We met lots of folks on the way up, and then 4 DofE Gold expeds appeared at the top too. We opted then to traverse the Southern Edge of the Kinder Plateau (i did the Northern Edge last weekend). That was a lovely walk with great views. We stopped often to observe and natter, and a long lunch was taken.

From the East end of Kinder we dropped down to the Guide Stone and hid in the woods out of the sun for a while.

It was getting quite warm by now !! We then took the long shoulder up to Win Hill. A natter with some visitors on the top, and the descent to Yorkshire Bridge. Rations in the Inn and then a realisation that the last bus (in a key walking area in a National Park on a weekday in sunny weather) was at 1545. Phone a friend.

I think that’s about 120km in the legs in the last 6 days which is good. Time to move on to bigger hills next weekend as i have a guiding commitment in Snowdonia, the first of several which also includes Scafell and Ben Nevis over the coming months. 

Please do get in touch if you’re interested in guided walks, navigation training, climbing, or guided backpacking.

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