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Full report on ‘Therapeutic Nature’ for DEFRA written by (amongst others) Exeter Medical School, and the European Centre for Environment and Human Health. The report analyses the types, aims, outcomes and benefits / disbenefits of the use of nature as a ‘treatment’ for mental health issues.

The 2021-2022 Action Plan from Natural England contains within it the 5 yr plan for how NE are going to do Connect People With Nature (or at least say they are).

More to ‘watch’ and ‘do’ than ‘read’ but you can read the programmes for Keswick Mountain Festival here and Sheffield Adventure Film Festival here. There seems to be a general gap in the market for films and talks about normal people doing normal things outdoors at a normal speed. Just a thought.

‘Why Society Needs Nature – Lessons from research during Covid-19. Multi-org summary of what caused the nation to connect with nature.

You can almost see the pub from here – end of day 1 on a The Path Less Travelled learn-to-navigate course

A talk by Tom Richardson about ‘mountaineering in Mongolia’. Tom’s the bloke that sells footwear in Outside in Hathersage. His alter ego is one of the most experienced mountaineering guides in the world. That vast experience is distilled in this little-known book

A shit story. The report by the John Muir Trust on the impact of visitation in remote areas of N Scotland – here

When i were a multi-millionaire outdoor instructor i used to often gift a copy of this book to clients. Then i realised the author was the son of a multi millionaire !! Nonetheless i still recommend it as perhaps the best prism to look through for the ‘beginner’ setting out to ‘understand’ nature. The online course on natural navigation (same website) makes a great gift to yourself.

A mixed weather system just now after the mini heatwave blew through. Understanding weather is one of the most important skills for the hill and mountain goer. Mike Raine is basically ‘God’ when it comes to environmental learning (top tip: if you’re a National Mountain Centre it speaks volumes if you make your Head of Environment redundant !!), if you get the opportunity to learn from Mike grasp it with both hands. Here are 2 e-courses that cost £1.99 each on understanding weather. If you visit Snowdonia then his book will increase your knowledge on the Nature of Snowdonia by roughly 14587%

‘Yet often the mountain gives itself most completely when I have no destination, when I reach nowhere in particular, but have gone out merely to be with the mountain as one visits a friend with no intention but to be with him’ – Nan Shepherd, The Living Mountain

The latest newsletter from the MBA is far far better than this not-a-newsletter. Worth the membership fee on its own so it is.

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