Paying closer attention …

Up Cut Gate from Langsett yesterday. My walking companion (outdoor writer Paul Besley) had had an error ‘reported’ on one of his walks, so we paced, measured and paid close attention on our way up the Gate. (The start of the Cut Gate path now has 15+ individual notifications for the hillgoer. How are you meant to take all that mixed messaging on board ???)

Yup, the fords (plural) are still there, still exactly as they are represented in the guidebook and the OS sheet. It was good to pace, bring in GPS, relate map to ground etc etc to confirm. A passing DofE Gold group nailed the navigation question (where are these fords on the map ?) with pinpoint accuracy. That’ll do.

We then wandered beneath Margery Hill and over to Wet Stones to look for ‘footprints carved in to rock’ that apparently are mentioned in an article in the 1920’s. So there’s now no aspect of the Wet Stones that we haven’t crawled over in great detail. We think we found them.

Other than that there was some glimpses of wildlife, the usual antics of Search Dog Scout seeking out any and all water, the ruins of Rocher Farm, and fluids and calories at the quite lovely Inn in High Bradfield.

I’ll try not to descend the Dukes Road again (interminably dull through a landscape 99% bereft of life and biodiversity), one can almost sense the increasing disappearance of anything and everything (vice grouse) on the moors as the carnage of August 12th hoves closer in to view.

20km of nattering and fresh air. Gladly and gratefully taken slowly.

from “Walking – one step at a time’ by the inimitable Erling Kagge

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