I strongly believe that story-telling and the passing down of history and folklore through walking, talking, and seeing is amongst the finest ways one can spend time in the hills. I have been trying for several years to get the exceptionally deep well of knowledge that Bill Gordon has of the North Lees Estate in the Peak District down on paper, and or told in public. The closest I have got yet was persuading him to lead a walk yesterday around the Estate. Bill was a worker on, and then warden of the Estate for 31 years. Suffice to say that amongst the 7 of us that walked with Bill yesterday there was probably over 300 years of local walking experience, and Bill showed and told us things that, had we not been with him, we would not have seen or known in our lifetimes. // I can but urge you to seek out those who have been longest and closest to the land upon which you take your pleasure and exercise and ask them to lead you, tell you, and show you. Indebted. Thanks Bill.

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