Scafell days …

I was fortunate to have a week in Cumbria last week. I was unfortunate with the weather for most of it. I was very unfortunate with the weather on Scafell Pike which i guided clients up four times in five days – three times from Wasdale (via Hollowstones) and once from Seathwaite (via the Corridor Route).

It was good to be back on the contour lines of my younger days, and to get some good ‘vert’ – about 15000ft over the week – in my little chicken legs.

I managed to find time to squeeze in a visit to Millican Dalton’s cave in which i used to reside, and to sit a while in St Olaf’s in Wasdale which is a place long close to my heart. Grateful as always for the Wasdale Inn for calories and fluids, and for having the fire on in August !!!

Contact details for guided walks are elsewhere on this website.

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