Back to the future …

Oh hello again old friend ….

‘Ultrafleece’ from Mountain Equipment makes a comeback. Originally introduced in 1982 the fabric gained a cult following for outlasting almost anything else. Ample warmth, a lot of windproofing, and a ton of durability made this usable across all outdoor activities. I got the hoody and salopettes in (i think) ‘88. If you’d know me in my days living in The Cave Hotel i think both garments were seldom removed (and seldom washed !) for nigh on six months of pretending i was Millican Dalton.

British made fabric and a garment that works really well as a mid or outer layer, and even as a cold weather ‘windshirt’. We never had ‘Majolica / Mykonos’ blue back then ! but the new hoody is available in 4 colours. The manufacturing process for the fleece is called ‘warp knitting’ which back then meant it pilled a lot less than other fabrics, and these days means less microplastics enter water courses when (if !) you wash it.

Great to see bomber sensible fabrics, and simple but functional designs return to the industry 👍

back to the future ….

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