Gimme Shelter

Something for the weekend ? Summit Bothy and Summit Bothy Supalite from Summit Gear

The yellow one is the ‘standard’ ie super durable, has a window, and this colourway has reflective tape sewn on. It weighs 450g. I carry this when it’s likely that i’m going to use it eg for group lunch stops, group safety, DofE checkpoints, or in the MR bag. The orange one is 320g and for lightweight ‘just in case’ use.

Summitgear make the heavier weight bag in 2 to 20 person sizes, and the Supalites in 2 to 12 person sizes.

Sitting contentedly in one with your pals whilst eating your sammiches on a mountain top that’s being hammered by a freezing Northerly wind makes you really appreciate the value of carrying one.

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