The last muddy miles of the year …

The last muddy miles of the year.

I had bigger plans but this knackerdness / malaise i’ve had for 9 days now had me back in my bed until the early afternoon.

Up on to Derwent Edge from the Inn, and along. We shared steal of the day from the reduced aisle in the co-op which was lots of thick slices of topside beef for 60p !! and a flask of tea. Along to Lost Lad. The sun went in and the hat and gloves came out for a while.

No rush. ‘Ow do’ to folks. The call of grouse. Watching the light ebb away from the year. Down via Whinstone Lee Tor. We sat and watched a kestrel hunting. Down through the squelch as the last rays of the sun dipped behind Win Hill. A pause to appreciate what a gift it is to have the moorlands and edges within reach of home for body and for mind.

A pint and crisps to end the walk and the year. Muddy boots and muddy paw prints on the stone floor of the Inn. Outside in the evening chill we shared the last of our biscuits with two spaniels under the table next to ours. All was as well as can be expected. Tomorrow we go again.

Best wishes to you all for the year ahead.

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