New tricks to an old dog ..

Wandering the Edges the other day, a friend on the MR team showed me his ‘ski-mo’ way of tying a bowline (ie it can be done in big gloves). For someone that has spent 40 years making the rabbit come out the hole and go round the tree …. this was a religious moment !!

thread rope round anchor
make a loop with the ‘long end’
with the bit of the long end nearest you make another loop and push it up through the first loop
like this
take the short end of the rope and pass it through the loop that you just
pull on the two parts of the long rope ie the bit before and the bit after the knot (not the short end) to tighten the knot
Use the short end to tie a stopper knot on the long end nearest the anchor

* okay you may need to remove gloves to tie the stopper knot …. but probably not if you’re using >7.5mm rope (as opposed to the cord in these pics)

** the tail emerging from the stopper knot on a bowline should be longer than 10x the diameter of the rope

***always always always tie a stopper knot on a bowline that has a human attached to it ….. i witnessed a fatal climbing accident at an indoor wall door when a bowline unthreaded whilst the climber was lowering off the wall

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