I did that thing that i’m always telling everyone else to do called ‘getting outside’.

Under a bit of stress in the day job and i felt myself fraying round the edges, so i took a half day of holiday and spent it with five other lovely mountain leaders guiding 46 students from a school in Reading on a walk for @pureoutdoor.

Under a blistering sun (and after a boiling coach journey) they weaved a line through Longshaw Estate, up Burbage Valley, along Stanage, and through the North Lees Estate to Thorpe Farm aka @hopevalleydairy.

Thank you to the staff at Longshaw 👍👍, thanks to my fellow walk leaders, and thanks to the students. Seeing youngsters stand in awe of the view off the Edge makes it all worth while.

We’ve all got to plant that seed and nurture that interest in kids in the natural environment.

Oh, and can i propose a law that says ALL walks on hot and sweaty days MUST finish at a farm that makes ice cream 😋🥵🍦🤞 //

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