Nature Connectedness Guide

If you want to get ‘better’ at something (cooking, running, Latin, juggling, unicycling, Minecraft, sudoku, caber toss, etc … etc … ) you might be one of those types that researches using Google, reads books, joins a club, searches forums, or pays for a coach, so that when you next do that thing you want to get better at you stand more chance of being better at it.

Quick wins, short cuts, beta etc.

What if there was a guide to how you could put the same amount of time in to your time spent in nature but get more out of it ?

What if there was a few things you could try and do whilst watering the plants on the windowsill, or whilst you’re walking to the bus-stop, on an evening stroll round the block, during the fiften minutes in the park with the kids, or on that weekend away by the coast that are proven to increase your connection with nature and do you good.

Like a coach to make you better at making you better …..

You’re welcome

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