On Monday the Fire Severity Index for the Peak District National Park led its Authority to impose restrictions on accessing Open Access Land

(In simple summary you can only walk / ride on marked footpaths and bridleways – you cannot cross open moorland)

On Tuesday this restriction was extended for ‘several more days’

Monday saw a fire at Ughill

Image from Friends of Loxley Valley

… and Tuesday saw a fire on Win Hill

Image by Andy Jones

A few issues here are 1) explaining the restriction … most people have no idea what Open Access Land is, 2) policing or enforcing the restriction, and 3) the usual crowd that will question the viability and legality of the restriction and claim its another deliberate attempt to keep the ‘prols’ off the hills.

It’s a tinder box out there. With no significant change in the weather it looks like the restriction will be in place up to, and maybe during, the weekend.

Perhaps we will see more of this type of access restriction and landscape scale fire prevention action as the climate emergency intensifies.

Please take care out there and report all unattended fire and smoke in the countryside …

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