It’s the same every year …

That time again.

When you think to yourself ‘oh it’s getting a tad chillier and a smidgen darker each night now … i must dig out my warm coats and headtorches and flasks’ … and then you spend three days looking for the aforementioned items.

Give up.

Peruse replacements in shops and on-line. Steel yourself to press ‘buy now’ when they’re in the basket.

Think to yourself i’ll just have one last look in the garage.

Then under the big box of ropes which is under the big box of bike bits which is under the big box of spare rucksacks there’s a box with the words ‘winter kit’ written on it.

The box is exactly where you put it last Easter.

In said box are six warm coats (ranging from ‘ideal for slightly chilly’ right through to ‘toasty warm in an apocalyptic Narnia winter’), five headtorches (ranging from ‘enough lumen to read a book’ to ‘enough lumen to read the book that someone a mile away in a dense wood at night is reading’), and a collection of flasks two of which are exactly like the ones currently in your on-line shopping basket.

It’s the same every year …. 🙄

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