Published by @pelagicpublishing in April 2023

‘Reconnection explores our hidden links with nature through the science of nature connectedness, setting out a way to revivify the relationship across society. Here is a route to a meaningful life that unites both human and nature’s wellbeing for a truly sustainable future. What’s more, everybody has a role to play. From business leaders to conservationists, teachers to medics, from drivers to walkers, we can all reduce the damage we do and find new ways to bring nature into our lives. This timely book considers the problems scientifically, then offers simple, practical, positive steps for how we can all work towards a better world’. //

Miles Richardson @findingnature_ is Professor of Human Factors and Nature Connectedness at the @derbyuni, where he founded the Nature Connectedness Research Group. He has pioneered widely adopted and award-winning approaches to improving the human–nature relationship. //

I can give a strong recommendation for the free on-line nature-connectedness course that Derby Uni run.

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