In the frame

I absolutely bloody love this picture me.

Like all professional photographers it’s all about the preparation and timing … it took me about 4 seconds to kneel down on the sodden grass and tek this ‘un ont’ iPhone one-handed whilst holding a tea (white none) int’ other hand.

Terriers bloody everywhere. Mayhem. Folk from all over that have brought their terriers for a run out. Visitors from all over that haven’t got a bloody clue what’s going on.

The bairn that sat on top of the kennels and his Dad kept having to move his fingers away from the terriers.

The very Last of the Summer Wine esque commentator.

The line of Moses Trod tracing across the slopes of Great Gable in the background leading up to Styhead.

The face on the lad doing the release from the traps – and the lure in his back pocket that he teases the terriers with in the traps gerrin’ em ready for the race.

Out of shot is the lad at the other end winding the race lure in as fast as he can, and the bales of straw to protect him from high speed terrierists at the finish line.

I’m sure Getty Images will be in touch shortly to discuss licensing.

In the mean time the 2023 Wasdale Head Show and Shepherds Meet is on the 14th of October.

I’m sure there are other memorable days out in England but not one of them comes close to Wasdale ont’ second Saturday in October.

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