Magic Kit


Accurately plot and give grid 6 figure grid references on 1:50000 scale maps

Accurately plot and give 6 & 8 figure grid references on 1:25000 scale maps

Rounded corners to prevent snagging and holes in the pocket

Romer scales numbered to prevent mistakes.
1:50000 & 1:25000 scales (colour coordinated to avoid confusion)

Ruler edges are marked in actual map distance

Tough and durable with lanyard hole

NB In order to plot an 8 figure grid reference the 6 figure square must now be divided into tenths. It would be impractical to print 1/10th grid squares at this scale so the Shaven Raspberry Grid Reference Tool has the unique feature of dividing the square in half. The thin grey lines on the Roamer represent 5/10th divisions making it easy to estimate the last two figures of an 8 figure grid reference

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