Curbar. Mostly

A day off spent at a completely sodden Curbar with the 🗻⛑🚑 team filming a thing with a film company, an outdoor retailer and some bloke off the TV.

I don’t own a TV (haven’t for 12 years) so i’m afraid i don’t know who he was but he had his own stylist and someone to hold an umbrella over him. We had hoods.

… and back to Curbar for the evening on a ‘taking a rope for a walk’ session which we aspirants do in the MR Team .. a walk along an Edge springing crag rescue and casualty care scenarios on each other in advance of our final assessment day in about two weeks. A strange hobby for a Friday night. 12 hours spent almost entirely outside today in cold relentless wind and rain.

I now emit a sort of damp fug that even Betty the resident black lab in The Grouse finds off-putting.

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