No room at the inn ….

Startling statistics, some home truths and some drastic actions in this article on over-tourism in the Guardian.

The time is now beyond nigh for difficult conversations and some of these actions in the UK too …

But the sense of unease goes deeper. In the past we travelled to broaden and educate the mind. Travellers suffered discomfort – a mule over the Alps, a clipper across the Bay of Biscay – to absorb the wideness of the world, to feel small or vulnerable perhaps, and to allow the learning of other cultures to infiltrate their beings. Now, it seems, all that is reversed: there’s minimal danger or risk to travel, and our big egos are imposed on a small world. Sites are nothing more than the backdrop for our selfies because we go places not to learn from them, but just to post and boast to others that we’ve been there.

– Tobias Jones / Guardian

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