Should’ve Gone To Radio Rentals ..

Perhaps it was a premonition.

All of this ‘behaviour’ got the better of me and for the first time in probably years i didn’t want to go outdoors this evening. Ummed and aahed for ages.

Went out eventually and had a walk on to Burbage Moor to chat to Danny from @eastern_moors who is surveying the peat loss from the fire. Lovely chat in a cooling breeze. Just what the doctor ordered.

…. and then i got back to my car to find that somebody had decided to gain access to it and peruse my belongings. The parcel shelf being outside the car was the giveaway !

That’s that then folks. I’m through with this outdoor bollocks. I’m going to Radio Rentals tomorrow and getting one of them telly boxes and a betamax and i’m just going to watch the outdoors indoors.

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