Human Factors Manifesto

The Human Factors Manifesto is a new initiative by James Thacker (IFMGA British Mountain Guide and owner of Mountain Assurance )

The Human Factors Manifesto has 2 aims:

  • Encourage the development of Human Factors tools and behaviours in the outdoor sector. To reduce the likelihood of accidents and increase safety.
  • Encourage greater use of Human Factors principles to help mountain professionals do the right thing, in the right place at the right time, with the right people.

People and organisations that sign up to the manifesto agree to align to four commitments:

Commit to develop the HF skills for optimum performance

To embed HF principles into day to day work from the ground up

Support other mountain professionals who have been involved in incidents and accidents

Accept that using a Human Factors lens means accepting and considering different perspectives of work in the mountains

You can read lots more about the Manifesto on the website HERE

I’ve written previously (and very positively) about the e-course in ‘Crew Resource Management’ and ‘Human Factors’ in Avalanche Terrain that James offers on his website ( link to COURSE )

(My earlier article about the course is HERE )

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