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The Black Dots Project

Home in the mountains is where you point your manual wide-angle camera at it …. Film Website Good luck with getting Wharnscale Bothy to yourself anytime in the next millenia … Oh, and a plug as ever for the remarkable small charity that maintains and cares for these built shelters across the uplands of theseContinue reading “The Black Dots Project”

Navigation by Committee

A lunchtime spent on a DIY navigation assessment around Rud Hill. Except the 10th checkpoint had an incorrect grid reference. So @billgordon1 (instagram) confirmed there really really wasn’t an ‘aircraft wreck’ in Stanage Plantation, the #worldwideweb confirmed that an aircraft had indeed crashed on Rud Hill (Wellington Mk.IC Z8980 of No.27 OTU, crashed on RudContinue reading “Navigation by Committee”

Lights Out

Headtorches were necessary at Stanage at 6.45pm today (13th October). I’m always intrigued by the a) the number of people that just don’t go outdoors in the dark (what do they do ‘til Easter ?), and b) the number of people that do go outside in the dark (or go outside in the light andContinue reading “Lights Out”

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