Something for the weekend ….

At some point there might be a proper newsletter type thing. In the meantime …. Full report on ‘Therapeutic Nature’ for DEFRA written by (amongst others) Exeter Medical School, and the European Centre for Environment and Human Health. The report analyses the types, aims, outcomes and benefits / disbenefits of the use of nature asContinue reading “Something for the weekend ….”

Once more in to the W3W fray …

Another day and another news item about the accuracy of the What3Words App. It has its place. It has its imperfections. But it has saved lives, and it is particularly valuable to vulnerable people. There is a reason why the emergency services continue to carry the tech to enable them to interpret locations from it.Continue reading “Once more in to the W3W fray …”

Mental Health Wellbeing Week – Nature

The theme for the 2021 Mental Health Wellbeing week is ‘Nature’. It’s all very well having a ‘theme’, but it is important to understand the link between “mental health wellbeing’ and ‘nature’. Professor Miles Richardson of the University of Derby worked with the Mental Health Foundation on the report explaining the research linking the two.Continue reading “Mental Health Wellbeing Week – Nature”

Learning from experience

I recently became a ‘volunteer patrolling warden’ for the Eastern Moors Partnership who look after the moors close to home. I have already done some litter picking plods and also a ‘challenging behaviours and having difficult conversations’ course (see earlier post), but today was my first ‘proper’ day out. Fortuitously for me, as I wasContinue reading “Learning from experience”