Paying closer attention …

Up Cut Gate from Langsett yesterday. My walking companion (outdoor writer Paul Besley) had had an error ‘reported’ on one of his walks, so we paced, measured and paid close attention on our way up the Gate. (The start of the Cut Gate path now has 15+ individual notifications for the hillgoer. How are youContinue reading “Paying closer attention …”

Along the corridor and up the stairs ….

A pleasure and a privilege to run two ‘beginners navigation’ courses for 11 people over the last 3 days. From ‘what’s a map?’ to having the confidence and competence as navigators to lead their own nav legs in the hills …. and to go on and consolidate these new found skills at home in orderContinue reading “Along the corridor and up the stairs ….”

Something for the weekend ….

At some point there might be a proper newsletter type thing. In the meantime …. Full report on ‘Therapeutic Nature’ for DEFRA written by (amongst others) Exeter Medical School, and the European Centre for Environment and Human Health. The report analyses the types, aims, outcomes and benefits / disbenefits of the use of nature asContinue reading “Something for the weekend ….”