Bothies Before Bandages

aka ‘fight the elements first’ An article on the World Extreme Medicine website about the critical importance of winning the environment fight first when treating hypothermia … READ ….. and on the subject of getting VERY cold … a short interview with a deeply hypothermic fellrunner who was rescued by Keswick MRT and underwent ECMOContinue reading “Bothies Before Bandages”

Freeze / Thaw

‘Climbers are out there—we climb the highest peaks, roam deserts, and explore the woods for the most inspiring boulders. And the climbing community has been increasingly seeing anecdotal evidence of climate change impacting our climbing landscapes. But stories are one thing–scientific evidence, on the other hand, can be our topo for advocating for change. InContinue reading “Freeze / Thaw”

The Sweet Smell of Home

Aaaaah ̶B̶i̶s̶t̶o̶ Burning. The sweet smell of home. The parking, traffic, fires, environmental damage and general dickheadedness all seemed to be worse in Wasdale. It’s like everything in the Peak condensed in to a small steep sided valley with one dead end road. I was greeted on Saturday morning by the sweet smell of someoneContinue reading “The Sweet Smell of Home”

Allus the second Saturday

There has been a “Shepherds Meet” at Wasdale Head for over 100 years, little is known of the early years other than that it was originally held in “The Chicken Field” which is the right-hand field just over the old packhorse bridge. It is believed that the “Shepherds Meet” started off with farmers from WasdaleContinue reading “Allus the second Saturday”