A Do Barter

If you were at the Spring 12 Do Lectures in gloriously sun kissed Wales you have been automatically entered in to a draw ……

Whether you play outside every day, never ever play outside, play outside on the Wii, or have forgotten what outside is, you have just won first prize in the draw ….

We meet somewhere with no roof or walls. Somewhere mutually convenient, or we share travel costs, and we err …

“Solvitur ambulando”,

literally “solve by walking”

I will weave some magic, brewed up over 25 years of playing and leading groups in them there outdoors, which means you will be safe and smiling.
You can bring yourself, your friends, your family, business colleagues, little ones, old ones, round ones, long ones, anyones.

We’ll go for a walk.
Breathe fresh air.
Play pooh sticks.
Roly poly down grass banks.
Climb trees.
Dirty knees.

All woes can be salved by a walk, a talk, the occasional cup of tea and piece(s) of cake.

Solvitur Ambulando.

Whats in it for me ?
You “pay” me in anything other than money.

Whats in it for you ?
A mental Spring clean. Lungfuls of fresh air. Probably some muddy jeans to wash. Definitely some breathing space.

Whats the catch ?
See how we’re naturally suspicious ? You’re looking for the hidden costs, the expensive kit you need, the fish-hook of financial commitment.
Look off.

We’ll do digital to record what we do. For free.
And crayons and foldedsheet products to draw and doodle and create tangible memories. And i will buy those.

Imagine if everyone on the bus, the tube, the train, the queue at the Post Office just had a natter. Went for a walk. Went for a cuppa. Common ground would be found. Preconceptions would go in the compost bin.

Imagine if, once they’ve dried out and caught up on sleep, everyone at Do kept in touch and met up and shared stuff like laughter, like stories, like swapped a walk for a loaf of bread, or a poem for a bike repair, or a bed in a strange town for the night for a handknitted bonkers colours pom pom hat ?

Remember the “this is everyone” board near the tea stand with all the white cards on ?
Imagine if they weren’t just 80 people you’d met for a few days in a tent in Wales in April 2012.

Go. Do. Be.


Click here for Captain Sensible -www.thepathlesstravelled.co.uk

Click here for Captain Haddock –

“Play is the highest form of research”
– albert einstein

“All great thoughts are conceived by walking.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche

“twenty years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do” – Mark Twain

Small Print:
1- This is not a limited time offer. Although my lifestyle occasionally replicates Oliver Reed’s, you should have the next 40 years to barter it in.

2- If you lectured, cooked, put the tents up, wired the tent up or wiped the tables down you are all welcome to barter. Come on in the air is fresh.

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