Mental Health Wellbeing Week – Nature

The theme for the 2021 Mental Health Wellbeing week is ‘Nature’.

It’s all very well having a ‘theme’, but it is important to understand the link between “mental health wellbeing’ and ‘nature’. Professor Miles Richardson of the University of Derby worked with the Mental Health Foundation on the report explaining the research linking the two. The latest blogpost of his (at has, as well as a link to the research, a range of activities, resources, and relevant papers and information.

So what ? Well if you can find the time to read the report you will perhaps better understand ways of interacting with nature that benefit you the most. But I would also urge you to consider interacting with nature in a way that benefits nature too. It’s not a finite resource.

The blog post is here

The ‘Nature and me’ – guide from Uni of Derby and the National Trust is here

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