The sunset this evening was well above average.

For every positive of being outdoors there seems increasingly to be negatives and the more time i spend outdoors the more i see them and sometimes struggle to cope.

This photograph is of one of two men who had a disposable bbq going on Stanage. I tried (within my role as a volunteer warden albeit of Eastern Moors and not North Lees) to explain the risks of the fire. To no avail. Rang it in and walked off.

Conversations like these seem to turn hostile quicker and more frequently than they did a few years ago.

Across past the Cowper Stone and Stanage and Callow and Higger. We walked slowly so that we might catch the sun setting. Really quiet out for a fine warm Friday night, ‘is there something on’ we asked each other.

We stood at the end of the walk on the rocks at Burbage North Bridge and watched an Ouzel land in amongst a pile of discarded dirty wet wipes.

Sunny tomorrow n’ all ….

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