New Kid On The Block

In addition to



Built To Send (not all their range is now made in the UK)

and AtomPacks

there is now Broken Spectre on the rucksacks hand made in Britain block.

Made by hand by Will Hempstead in Lochaber.

At first glance they seem to be end user focussed, durable and bells, whistles and bullshit free.

Some pictures (shamelessly lifted from the Broken Spectre socials)

If like me you have an entirely unhealthy and eternally unfulfilled desire for doodling and designing that one ‘perfect’ sack (for the last 30 years and having probably bought and subsequently sold 200 rucksacks in that time as part of the iterative process) it might be worth dropping Will a line …..

or seeking addiction counselling 🤷‍♂️😳

or try the Marie Kondo 5 step method to de-cluttering ….

…… right that’s me off to put this months assortment of ‘not quite right’ sacks … a BD Blitz 28, a Montane Utra Alpine 38, a Montane Fast Alpine 40, a Blue Ice Warthog 26, a Simond Speed 33 and a (original) PodSac Black Ice … ont’ eBay ….

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