Day 1 of Me and MiniMe do the Lakes

A 4 day trip staying in 3 hostels (2 YHAs and Skiddaw House indy hostel). A rough plan to do outdoorsy stuff. Probably a few arguments. A few tales from my mis-spent late teens up there. Some adventures and valuable me and him time ….

The gypsies heading to Appleby Horse Fair managed to add 2 hours to our journey as we queued on the A66 and then diverted across to the M6.

Arriving in Keswick we went for a wander down to Friars Crag just to make sure Borrowdale was still there.
We then picked up supplies, parked the car in Threlkeld, and walked in to SkiddawHouse hostel.

Suffice to say that the house, which is the highest hostel in the UK, and one of the remotest dwellings in England, was just such a wonderful place to stay. Solar power. No phone or wifi. No vehicle access. The few guests played trivial pursuits together and then the older ones sipped beer by the stove until dark o’ clock.

A large peat moor fire on the hillside opposite the hostel added a bit more interest and excitement to the evening.

I can’t recommend the hostel enough. Such a lovely place. Google Skiddaw House for full details.

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