Slightly Higher Up

Not the Peak District for a change. A weekend in Snowdonia. Not often one complains of the heat whilst there, but this weekend was silly hot.

The ‘main event’ was guiding 9 military veterans up Snowdon. I won’t go in to the queues and sights but needless to say the mountain was an eye-opener. The clag and 5 centigrade on top a welcome relief from the sun on the PyG track. Everyone got up and down slowly but safely.

On Sunday i felt the effort on the mountain in my legs – i find it more physically demanding to walk slowly and stop frequently, which is what the day demanded. A few routes on Little Tryfan were climbed on the Sunday. ‘Twas hot !!

Note to self not to drive home at 6pm on a sunny Sunday.

Grateful to be back in the mountains. Thankful for the company of those that i walked, climbed, nattered and drank with.

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